I stopped the English blogg, most of the things happening are national related, but you can still look up infos about our team members.

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Caiobá: It was a new edition of the duel between Nina and Carla Morena during the Sesc Triathlon (1,5-40-10) in Caioba/Brasilien.  This time it was a drafting free race and so the running was much more important.  Nina dominated the swims (26:04), stayed with the group on the bike (1:06:31) and lost again valuable seconds in T2.  Even an impressing run performance with 35:53 min over the 10km was not good enough to catch the leader but that didn`t matter, super race. = > offical web page Martin on the other hand had bad luck and overlooked an obstacle on the bike course, he felt badly but fortunately nothing serious happened but the race was over.



A successful season start:  With an outstanding 2nd place finish Nina begins with the international Santos Triathlon (1,5-40-10).  Nina led the race after the swim (25:31) and had an impressive 37,6 km/h average throughout the bike . On the run course Nina was narrowly defeated after an exciting duel with one of Brazils Olympic participants Carla Moreno and crossed the finish just 20 sec. later (finish time was 2:07:36) mainly because of a slower time in T2. The third women Carol Montgomery from Canda crossed the finish line 4 minutes later. Well done Nina, not bad for 37 year old long distance specialist. Report in the BZ (translated by goggle)



Start in Brazil:  The Tri-Lions athlete Nina Kraft races on the 12.2.  This is her first start after expiry of the ban is complete.  Nina has prepared for several months in Clearmont, Florida, USA at the Triathlon Training Center for this race.  With 2 Olympic participants in the long-distance Nna will encounter tough competition.  The Tri Lions press their thumbs  => offizielle Webseite.


Sponsor: Chrysler & Jeep Brunswick will also stand as a partner by our side and the co-operation with them will only further increase.


Honour:  On 11.3. the Tri-Lions sportsman Immo Krueger and Florian Kraft, due to their good results in the races 2005, respectively second and third place in the Ironman age group division, will be awarded during the open conference of the TVN (Triathlon federation of Lower Saxony).


New team member:  Joerg Mahl will help support the future of the Tri-Lions Team.  In the ‘90’s he showed impressive success for the long distance.  Now his ambition has awoke again and we will be curious of the result.


The Tri-Lions wish you a merry Christmas.


New main sponsor: Chrysler & Jeep  Brunswick will support our team in the future as a main sponsor. We look forward to a good co-operation



Establishment finished:  Today the confirmation of the district court arrived, thus the club Tri-lions is officially registered and may the contraction e.V. ('eingetragener Verein' german for registered association or club) carry.


Ironman World Championship 2005: Our Tri-Lion member Immo Krueger had an impressive race in Kona. He needed 9:45:35 for the 2.4 mi swim, 112 mi and 26.2 mi run and placed 43rd in his age group and broke his PR as well. Congratulation Immo !!!   



Immo is heading for Hawaii: For the third time Tri-Lions member Immo Krueger travels to the ironman. During the prepartation he caught the flue but this couldn't stop him. The worst is over and he is back on track. He is in Kona already and we wish him the best for the Ironman on saturday.

Immmmmmmmooooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!


10/01/2005 Tri-Lions online: From now on you find Brunswick's Tri-Lions in the internet.